Toscana IGT



Biodynamic still red 2019, 14%vol, no added sulphites.

Grape varieties

Foglia Tonda (100%)


Winemaking process:

This ancient Tuscan rare variety is harvested and selected by hand in small cases, the wine is fermented using the indigenous yeasts found naturally on the grape skin.

The wine is vinified in concrete tanks and then matured 12 months in Italian Terracotta Ipruneta Anphora.

Nothing is added and nothing is taken away. No sulphites are added and no filtration is carried out. Biodynamic certified by Demeter.


Best served at room temperature above 18°C, let it breathe before drink.

Store in cool and dark place keeping the bottle lying down.

Ageing potential for over 20 years.



Bordolese bottle with diam cork.

FOGLIA TONDA - 2019 Foglia Tonda 14%