Cascina degli Ulivi - Piedmont



Biodynamic frizzante 2020, refermented in bottle (Pet Nat) 12%vol, no added sulphites.

Grape variety

50% Moscato d'asti, 50% Cortese


Winemaking process

Unfilterd sparkling wine refermented in the bottle, that means the sediment has not been disgorged as like in the second step of Metodo Classico wines. The residual tasty sediment gives the characteristic cloudy colour of this wine style called Frizzante or Pét-Nat (pétillant naturel - naturally sparkling).  

It spends around 6 months in old tonneaux before being bottled for the spontaneous refermentation.

Biodynamic methods followed.


Best served chilled about 6°C.

Store in cool and dark place keeping the bottle lying down.

Few insertions are advised to let the natural sediment mix evenly.