Toscana IGT



Biodynamic still orange 2020, 13%vol, no added sulphites.

Grape varieties

Vermentino (100%)


Winemaking process:

Harvested and selected by hand, the wine is fermented using only the yeasts found naturally on the grape skin.

Vinification starts in steel tanks for 8 days on the grapes skins imparting a beautiful golden color to the wine, than it continues its maceration with the skins for 5 months in italian terracotta Impruneta Anphora.

It completes the refinement process in French durmast oak barriques for the following 5 months.

Nothing is added and nothing is taken away, no sulphites are added and no filtration is carried out. Biodynamic certified by Demeter.


Best served slightly chilled around 10°C ; let it breathe few minutes before drink.

Store in cool and dark place keeping the bottle lying down.

Ageing potential for over 1